After getting SO VERY CLOSE to being cast on season 8, 9, and 10 of the hit reality
TV show, The Biggest Loser, I realized a lot of things about myself. The most important being, how much I desperately want and need this. "This" being a healthy, whole, functional body.

My blog is intended to help me get accountable. Accountable to EVERYONE, family, friends, complete strangers and ultimately MYSELF. I have over 400lbs to loose in order to gain the FABULOUS life I was born to lead!!

I am SO EXCITED, nervous, embarrassed and determined. I will REJOICE with you in my accomplishments and confess to you any "falling off the wagon" I might do. I encourage EVERYONE to get out there and tell your friends about this blog. The more people that read and comment, the more accountable I create for myself! This is one of the HUGE aspects I love about the show. I would NOT have let America down! Now I just have to create my OWN America!! Post your own accomplishments, encouragement, questions, doubts etc. This blog is here for you too! Let's get this ball rolling! WE GOT THIS!!

Day one starts with "Dollar Store Lettuce..." click that red link, and then scroll past this intro. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009



Thank you for waiting SOOOO patiently! I had to stop posting here for a little bit while the Biggest Loser Peeps checked out my blog. (Thanks Brandon!) Since I am still wanting to be on the show at some point, I have to be very careful with what I talk about. I needed to make sure that my blog was A-Ok with them. Good news! It is!! I can keep posting, I am just not allowed to talk about my progress in the BL casting process, should I enter into it again at some point. :)

So! Things have been going well! Of course some days are better than others. Being away from the blog for so long, I am finding myself back at square one. I HAVE lost weight though! 17lbs to be exact! Sadly I will no longer be able to weigh in, I had to stop going to Weight Watchers because of financial reasons. They were the only scale I could find that went up to my weight. :( I am not too worried. I just need to stick to my goals, and at some point I will get below 450, at which point I can use the scale I have here at home!

I have discovered that Fast Food is an evil, EVIL thing and should be outlawed in America! Money has been NON EXISTENT for the last couple weeks, and fast food hasn't even been an option. I must say, it's been kind of nice. The first few days were MURDER; I actually feel I went through withdrawals. But towards the end, I didn't even miss the crap-tacular food anymore. This is what makes me SOOOO mad about the small binge I went on yesterday and today. I got payed and where was the first place I went to?? McDonald's!! WHAT THE HECK!! Today I ran over to Chic Fillet!! UGH!! Lemme tell you, I FEEL LIKE CRAP!! They say you are what you eat! Go FIGURE!

So I am taking the feeling this cement lump in my stomach is giving me and am using it as my secrete weapon! My secrete weapon in the war on my fast food addiction! I am going first thing in the morning and heading to Sam's and the grocery store!

Here we go again! Daily goals:

125 oz of water a day

That's it! SOOOO Do-able!! In Jillian's words "I GOT THIS!"

I will post more tomorrow, I am back to blogging every night so check in for the latest and greatest!! Thank you so much for sticking with me!!!


  1. There is this great restaurant near me where me and people from work eat almost every day. They have this thing called the yumm bowl and it's awesome. rice, beans, black olives, two thin slices of avocado, tomatoes, their salsa and the yumm sauce made from pureed garbanzo beans and lemon juice -- kind of like runny hummus. It's so good and all organic. Yumm is right! The flavors explode in your mouth and it's all good for you! Fast food sucks.

  2. I am staying far away from fast food! I have to stay way from sugar too, or else it pulls me right back in. Awesome job losing 17 pounds so far! I know you will do this!!! :o)

  3. OOOh, I WISH we had restaurants around here like that. So lucky for you and your being in Oregon!! Houston hasn't quite got with the organic/natural bandwagon. All the healthy places around here are also considered trendy, and can really only be found inside the loop. (which is a good drive away from me) We don't even have Trader Joe's!! The closest Whole Foods is 30 mins away without traffic! HEB has a decent organic section, so it will have to do for now!

  4. You can do this! You need to remember how crappy you felt with the fast food in your system earlier today for the next time you do the drive thru thing. Seriously, stay away from them drive thrus! Keep up with your kitchen and learn to love to cook! You will be a chef in no time... like me!

  5. K-I'm so proud of your commitment and dedication to the battle that many of us fight every day! Your courage in bringing it to the blogosphere is admirable!
    I'm with you on the fast food addiction thing. I have found myself falling into that trap until I only crave fresh veggies and fruit. I work overnight shifts 1 week each month, though, and nothing is open at that hour except "fat" food places. So, I have to force myself to pack a lunch. UGH! My least favorite thing to do!
    Well, keep up the great work, and I'll be watching you!!!

  6. Kristin -- In the spirit of paying it forward, I would like to offer to pay your WW membership for a month. Send me a note if you are interested.

  7. rock on girl! it's so funny that you say what you did because I've been saying since February now that I believe America has been legally poisoning America and yet no one is doing anything about it. The fast food industry is daily coming out with more and more menu options, each with 100's and 100's more calories and grams of fat. It's SICKENING. I take a look at the meals I used to eat at some of my favorite fast food joints and just the thought makes me sweat grease. Ugh! I actually had a conversation with 2 different people this week about how we'd all slipped up and made incredibly poor food decisions and I said - "this feeling we have right now will NOT be our defeat, we need to mark it down as a very important moment in our journies. Our bodies now love this new healthy life we are leading and they sure do throw a fit when we start introducing the bad once again! Our bad food choice is now our weapon! :)