After getting SO VERY CLOSE to being cast on season 8, 9, and 10 of the hit reality
TV show, The Biggest Loser, I realized a lot of things about myself. The most important being, how much I desperately want and need this. "This" being a healthy, whole, functional body.

My blog is intended to help me get accountable. Accountable to EVERYONE, family, friends, complete strangers and ultimately MYSELF. I have over 400lbs to loose in order to gain the FABULOUS life I was born to lead!!

I am SO EXCITED, nervous, embarrassed and determined. I will REJOICE with you in my accomplishments and confess to you any "falling off the wagon" I might do. I encourage EVERYONE to get out there and tell your friends about this blog. The more people that read and comment, the more accountable I create for myself! This is one of the HUGE aspects I love about the show. I would NOT have let America down! Now I just have to create my OWN America!! Post your own accomplishments, encouragement, questions, doubts etc. This blog is here for you too! Let's get this ball rolling! WE GOT THIS!!

Day one starts with "Dollar Store Lettuce..." click that red link, and then scroll past this intro. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dollar Store Lettuce...

Welcome to day one of the rest of my life!! I am trying to stay super positive here, but I just got back from a terrible weigh in at WW. I gained, how much, is not terribly important in this first post, but it puts me at a whopping 562.4 lbs. Ugh...

My wonderful and well-meaning friends all told me what I already know; Bad week, stressed about possibly losing my job, which I love dearly, severe water retention because I didn't have money for my meds etc. This made me feel warm and fuzzy, and gave me the hope I was looking for. Then along comes my Kathleen (ah, my Kathleen, How much do I love her? Let me count the ways...) Let me quote you her text, but you must promise to read it in a Brooklyn accent...

"That's because u ate poorly this week. Just because u are low on funds does not mean you have to eat shit. Head of lettuce is a buck"

I died laughing. She is so right, and it sucks. SO, now I am back to the drawing board on how to eat well on a severely limited budget. Can man truly live on a head of lettuce a day?? Probably not, BUT the point is well taken. You CAN eat healthy and not spend TONS of money. So yeah, maybe RIGHT NOW is not a good time to throw out everything in my pantry, head to Whole Foods and buy Organic. BUT I can start slow.

I GUARANTEE you that for $13, what I would USUALLY spend on Taco Bell; I can buy a couple organic chicken breasts, a head of broccoli and a big box of Minute Rice (my husband will NOT eat anything but. I have tried, so I gave up on that battle) There would still be a bit of money left over and I could buy a couple of those Lean Cuisines that are on sale.

So there is the nasty truth! I tell myself over and over that there is "NO MONEY" for good food. It's a crock of crap!! I just admitted that I can feed TWO PEOPLE, a healthy, half-ly organic meal, on what I would normally spend on ONE BINGE for myself!!! (Plus I got a couple LC's for lunches at work!!!)

That is EXACTLY what I want this blog to be. A forum for me, and any one else like me, to STOP LYING TO THEMSELVES!! It is serving NO ONE and just making us MISERABLE!!

Don't you want to be happy!? I do! :) Come be happy with me!

The floor is now open for comments, suggestions and stoning. ;)


  1. Don't stoning here! LOL I love that you started off with eating healthy on very little money, as I'm in the same boat. I do have one question for you: Were you provided the Biggest Loser products by them since you didn't make it onto the show, or did you decide to use them on your own and get them yourself? That would be really great of them to provide those things to the ones who were close but didn't make the new season.

  2. Hey Kristen, I am so proud of you for starting this journey. I'm on it with you my friend... In fact, I've been debating about starting a blog about my own journey, and you've inspired me to do just that. Thank you.... I can't wait to see how your life changes...

  3. Testing; testing...Can you read me now :)))

  4. Kristin! I know you can do it! What an amazing adventure you have ahead of you!! Good luck!

  5. I just bought a couple of the BL books and really need to get going on the whole weight loss thing. Not sure what is stopping me... ok, I am but I really want to change me to be happy with me. Good like on your journey and I added you to the blogs I follow. I also am going to check out your stampin up site... I am so addicted to cardmaking and stamping.

  6. This is great! I will start checking your blog out and link it from mine. It will help motivate some of us too!

    Good luck!

  7. What a great motivator and I think it is wonderful you want accountability. That is so admirable! I will link to your blong from mine also!

    I wish you all the luck! You are not alone, many of us need this.

  8. If you want company on your walks call me!

  9. Hello my dear Kristin!
    I wish you the best of luck and many prayers! Be kind to yourself. Your goal is very real and very possible. Not sure if my nutshell will help but here it is. I needed to learn about and watch portion control (volumetrics type of thinking), make healthier choices (including the occasional treat) and find some physical activity I would actually stay with. I lost 57 lbs. and am still about 20 away from where I'd like to be...and will get there when I get there. All of your friends and family know you can do this and we'll do our best to help in anyway we can. Keep in touch my dear long lost friend!
    Margaret said she gave you my daughter's blog address, you can see occasional shots of me last summer in Gunnison and Thanksgiving in Seattle, midway in my journey for health.
    It can be done! We're not old dogs yet. ;o)

  10. Great start!!! I too have had lots and lots of crappy excuses in my life. One of the biggest was that I did not have the money for a personal trainer... that is a BIG part of what FINALLY did it for me.

    I like everything that I have read here so far... good luck and I WILL be watching!!!