After getting SO VERY CLOSE to being cast on season 8, 9, and 10 of the hit reality
TV show, The Biggest Loser, I realized a lot of things about myself. The most important being, how much I desperately want and need this. "This" being a healthy, whole, functional body.

My blog is intended to help me get accountable. Accountable to EVERYONE, family, friends, complete strangers and ultimately MYSELF. I have over 400lbs to loose in order to gain the FABULOUS life I was born to lead!!

I am SO EXCITED, nervous, embarrassed and determined. I will REJOICE with you in my accomplishments and confess to you any "falling off the wagon" I might do. I encourage EVERYONE to get out there and tell your friends about this blog. The more people that read and comment, the more accountable I create for myself! This is one of the HUGE aspects I love about the show. I would NOT have let America down! Now I just have to create my OWN America!! Post your own accomplishments, encouragement, questions, doubts etc. This blog is here for you too! Let's get this ball rolling! WE GOT THIS!!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New NEW Begining!!

SOOO! Today I start my 30 day CHALLENGE. What is that you say? Well...MOST of you know I have been doing Isagenix for a while now. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing system. I have had INCREDIBLE results, not just in weight loss, but with inches lost, stamina increase and MOBILITY gained!! (not to mention I am just a WHOLE heck of a lot happier!)

Since March when I started on Isagenix, I have been DILIGENT in putting this stuff in my body. NOW just to be "sticking with it" didn't include me doing the program 100%. I still had days, sometimes a few in a row, where I allowed fast food cravings and soda addiction to convince me I had no power over them, and then would binge. I ALWAYS went back on plan though, and began again putting this incredible nutrition back in my body then a couple of days later, I would binge again. Thus the cycle would continue. ANY FOOD ADDICT KNOWS THIS PATTERN!! I would chance it to say that any ADDICT, not just food, knows what I am talking about.

About 7 weeks ago I drew a line in the sand. I was DONE with soda. It was SOOO bad for me, I knew that. SOOOO acidic and loaded with chemicals! I made the decision and NEVER went back! Soda free for 52 days now!!

Now it's Fast Food's turn! It was proving to be more difficult to let go, that is until two weeks ago! I had a HUGE breakthrough, and realized that my struggle with Fast Food binging, was NOT because of the was EMOTIONAL. I wasn't addicted to the FOOD, I was addicted to the way it made FEEL while I was eating it! It was a way to zone out and "indulge". Two weeks ago, I FINALLY realized that I WAS STRONGER THAN FAST FOOD!!! So I STOPPED! :) No fast food for 13 days now. :)

I had been tossing around the idea of a super SUPREME detox using the Isagenix I had fallen so in love with. I knew that all the nutrients my body needs are available to me in this food. I had learned over the last 5 months, that I just FELT soooo much better when I was putting this in my body. So I have decided to go on Isagenix, ONLY ISAGENIX FOOD, for 30 days, JUST TO SEE how it would affect me! I KNOW it's going to be positive and I am expecting to see a HUGE difference in my mind and body at the end of this 30 days!! Today is DAY ONE!!

So, I USED to be a fast food and soda addict. I am NOW giving my body everything it needs and staying away from EVERYTHING that would hurt it. I know I will be INCREDIBLY rewarded in the end!! Please stay tuned!!

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  1. you are incredible Kristin. And you are going to see amazing results, so many of them are not tangible because they are a transformation of who you are and how you think, etc...can't wait to walk this with you;)

  2. Great job! I really sense your commitment. I have found for myself and would encourage you to REALLY make a commitment to the blog. When I made a commitment to my blog, I reenergize my commitment to myself..EVERYTIME!! Plus it's a source of empowerment and knowledge because you can go back to what you said and remember how you felt! Good Luck and the journey you are on is a journey that you control. You have one life, this is it, tattoo your name on it and make it your own!

  3. Good for you. Soda and fast food = unhappy, unhealthy us.

  4. Sounds like you are off to a great start! I too am a food addict and it can be conquered. Best of luck!

  5. Awesome, I am doing Isagenix too, my second month and down 30 lbs. I have started a 30dayweightlosschallenge on facebook. Hope you will become a fan. It is great to have a site that you are accountable for and people can watch your journey.