After getting SO VERY CLOSE to being cast on season 8, 9, and 10 of the hit reality
TV show, The Biggest Loser, I realized a lot of things about myself. The most important being, how much I desperately want and need this. "This" being a healthy, whole, functional body.

My blog is intended to help me get accountable. Accountable to EVERYONE, family, friends, complete strangers and ultimately MYSELF. I have over 400lbs to loose in order to gain the FABULOUS life I was born to lead!!

I am SO EXCITED, nervous, embarrassed and determined. I will REJOICE with you in my accomplishments and confess to you any "falling off the wagon" I might do. I encourage EVERYONE to get out there and tell your friends about this blog. The more people that read and comment, the more accountable I create for myself! This is one of the HUGE aspects I love about the show. I would NOT have let America down! Now I just have to create my OWN America!! Post your own accomplishments, encouragement, questions, doubts etc. This blog is here for you too! Let's get this ball rolling! WE GOT THIS!!

Day one starts with "Dollar Store Lettuce..." click that red link, and then scroll past this intro. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh dear...

So today was SUPPOSED to be the second day of the rest of my life...but man, I dropped the ball. SOOO soon after I started. Old habits die hard, and I KNOW that if I am given the slightest bit of an excuse to not change, I take it.

Case in point. Today, I am swollen still (from over a week and a half without the proper meds) this affects my breathing and is extremely painful in my feet, ankles and calves. My TOES hurt! Anywho, I am also SEVERELY dehydrated because I haven't actually drank water in 3 days. *GASP* I haven't filled our water cooler in a while, and refuse to drink Houston tap water. (Can you blame me??) So if the cooler doesn't have a full water bottle in it, I just don't drink water. :( I drink it ALL the time at work. About 100-150 ounces a day.

So to make a long, excuse ridden story short... I didn't go food shopping today, due to my meds keeping me in the loo all day, and because I am so EXHAUSTED from being dehydrated. It all just seemed so overwhelming. I did manage to drag my husband out of the house to fill up the water containers, so we have water chilling in the dispenser now.

As for meals today...ahem...Here goes:

Breakfast: Chips and salsa (breakfast of champions in Mexico I hear: and the only thing in the house)
Lunch: one last hurrah! at Panda Express when I drug my hubby out to get water. Of course I went through the drive through as I couldn't manage to peel myself from the drivers seat long enough to actually go IN.
Dinner: Two bologna sandwiches and half a small bag of rice-cake-chips. Go figure, I actually counted the calories on this meal.
There were a few unfortunate Almond Roca thrown into the mix at various points during the day as well.

Just so today isn't a TOTAL waste, I have decided to use it as an example of what NOT to do!!! A day like today is EXACTLY what WILL happen when you DON'T plan! I did come up with my grocey/coupon list, and a menu for the week. So tomorrow after work I will head to Kroger's and go shopping.

As for breakfast tomorrow. I have some Ezekiel English muffins and peanut butter. I will have one of those with some yogurt.

I have a pretty large stash of sweet potatoes. I guess they were on sale a while ago??? I will take one of those in for lunch. Actually. I think I have a sweet potato in my desk at work. LMAO!! So there ya go. Sweet potato it is. :)

I watched a video last week of Bob at the season 7 finale. He was asked, "Do you have any advice for those sitting out there that want to get started?" Bob said, "3 things: Get up 30 mins earlier, go for a walk at SOME point during the day, and cut out the sodas! Doing these three things will make a HUGE difference in how you feel" (I paraphrased)

So, combining the wisdom of the black and blue team: I WILL GET UP 30 MINS EARLY!! I will move from sugared coke to diet (with the intention of being off soda by next Sunday)

annnnd...since I promised Jill (and Mindy) I would walk 30 mins a day, 5 days a week. That starts tomorrow. :) Wish me luck! This beginning part is always the hardest. We've all been there a thousand times! This will be my last! Your support TRULY means the world to me.

Thank you!!


  1. Awwwww, Sweetie :) It's OK and will remain OK. We are here to cheer you on and pick you up when you are down. No worries!!!!!

  2. 1st of all - GO GIRL!! Kristin, I can just hear your bubbly voice in my head. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    2nd - I had to cut myself off from Target several years ago, and more recently Wal Mart because I had self control issues when it came to wasting money... Now I don't go to walmart without my husband or a list, and it has helped a ton. I think you should cut yourself off from drive-throughs ALL TOGETHER. How easy of a rule is that? If you must eat out, you must go inside. That way, you feel accountability immediately - no more hiding out in the drive through sister!!!

  3. Do not be discouraged. You are right this is a lesson in what not to do. Every experience is a learning opportunity. I have faith that you will make it, just remember we are humn and we do have times when we break down and do not exactly meet all our inteded goals. I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  4. I miss you soo much! And I'm super proud and excited for you for starting this blog. I could use a little accountability myself! We can do this together!

    Hey, check this website out. YOu may like it.
    It's about a Walk at Home program that you might be interested in. It might help you get started with the walking part of your goal. Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in, and I'll send you one of the DVDs.

    Love you!

  5. Hang in there Kristin! We are not perfect, but like you said, just use this as an example of what not to do and take it from there. Emregencies happen, and you just have to keep going and pick up from where you left off. :o)