After getting SO VERY CLOSE to being cast on season 8, 9, and 10 of the hit reality
TV show, The Biggest Loser, I realized a lot of things about myself. The most important being, how much I desperately want and need this. "This" being a healthy, whole, functional body.

My blog is intended to help me get accountable. Accountable to EVERYONE, family, friends, complete strangers and ultimately MYSELF. I have over 400lbs to loose in order to gain the FABULOUS life I was born to lead!!

I am SO EXCITED, nervous, embarrassed and determined. I will REJOICE with you in my accomplishments and confess to you any "falling off the wagon" I might do. I encourage EVERYONE to get out there and tell your friends about this blog. The more people that read and comment, the more accountable I create for myself! This is one of the HUGE aspects I love about the show. I would NOT have let America down! Now I just have to create my OWN America!! Post your own accomplishments, encouragement, questions, doubts etc. This blog is here for you too! Let's get this ball rolling! WE GOT THIS!!

Day one starts with "Dollar Store Lettuce..." click that red link, and then scroll past this intro. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009



So, not much AT ALL to report about on Tuesday. I got a TON of walking in, but mainly from the bed to the bathroom and back!

I seemed to have come down with a terrible instance of food poisoning. That'll teach me to get off track again! It was our anniversary over the weekend, and my parents got us a gift card to our favorite restaurant. (which shall remain nameless) One particular thing I ate, I JUST didn't feel great about. It wasn't hot, hardly warm even, but I ate it anyway! ugh...

I am just pretending I had the flu, but seeing how two others I know also got sick, and ate the same thing...odds are stacked against the food! Oh well.

So once I felt better, I started to work on my scrapbooking blog! I updated the Stampin Up! links and put of new pictures of the craft room. You should look! I have more tweaking to do, but at least it is current now!

Got to go to work! Have a great day!!

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